A Quick Update + Making Plans

No, I’m not dead. Yes, I plan on doing another construction notes post soon. Specifically the Dizzy one, which is 100% written at this point and just needs proofreading and photos added. Ideally it’ll be up by the end of next week before I head off to regionals for curling, but for now have a post that’s not that one.

I, uh, may have been super busy the past while if you didn’t notice. Followers of mine on Twitter will know of the gauntlet of projects I had the past few weeks that put pretty much anything that wasn’t school-related on hold. It’s over now, thankfully, but I expect this feeling of relief to be only temporary as we move closer to finals in December.

What downtime I have had I’ve spent (finally) playing NieR:Automata and starting to plan my 2018 cosplay and convention plans. I’ll be making a proper post about that second part soon, but you can see a “preview” of sorts by checking out my Events and Planned Costumes pages. I also plan to do a 2017 retrospective since this was kind of a big year for me with cosplay, but that’ll be much closer to New Years.

Besides the Dizzy write-up, I have a few posts in drafts that I’m aiming to release over the next month before the end of the year. This includes my write-up for my Lyse costume from PAX West, the book review/recommendation I mentioned back in the summer, and an article about my experience making two costumes in four weeks and how it was accomplished. The last one is something I’ve been working on for a while and I’m super excited to share it with everyone because it’ll have all sorts of knowledge and advice in case you want to be stupid ambitious like me.

Anyway. Dizzy post soon. Other posts not long after that. Regular posting schedule…? Eh, someday. Talk to you all soon!

— (。ゝω・。)ゞ

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