Photo by Gossen Photography.

If I can fakes it, I makes it.

Hi, I’m Carina, or Ultima if you know me from online. I’ve been cosplaying since 2002 (!!!) and attending conventions regularly since 2006 (!?!?!) which makes me old as balls. I took a mostly involuntary break from the hobby from 2013 to 2015 due to my living situation, but now I’m back and ready to sew all the things. Oh, and I guess share some of the things I’ve learned over the past 10+ years.

I have a certificate in Costuming for Stage and Screen from Capilano University (North Vancouver, BC) and have won costume awards at the intermediate and master levels, which I suppose makes it sound like I know what I’m doing. I’m more of a seamstress than an armor or prop maker, so if you’re looking for advice on that, I got nothing. Unless you want to watch me stumble through my own attempts. Then I got everything.

In my spare time when I’m not cosplaying (har har), I’m a full-time student in visual communications and varsity athlete in the most Canadian sport ever, curling.

I’m an avid JRPG player, and a long-time fan of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. I watch anime pretty casually these days, although my heart will always have a place for ridiculous shounen series.

If you’d like a more comprehensive portfolio of my work prior to 2015, please check out my American Cosplay Paradise profile! Otherwise, you can find me on the following sites:

Happy reading!

— (。ゝω・。)ゞ